Development News


Chennai, India, July 21, 2015 – The FIVB Technical Seminar on Setters course was recently completed at the FIVB Development Center in Chennai, with a total number of 21 candidates joining the course.

Mr Naichi Chang from Chinese Taipei was the FIVB Course Director, while most of the participants  were young players and coaches from various parts of India. They were all well versed with the official knowledge in English, which was advantage to the course. The candidates were of good knowledge and understanding and quickly picked up with the regular schedule both theoretically and practically.

With the course smoothly run, Chang said that he received kind assistance from the Volleyball Federation of India and the FIVB Development Center in Chennai, well maintained by Dr K. Murugan, CEO of Volleyball Federation of India with the cooperation of Mr A. Ramana Rao, Director and Mr. G.E. Sridharan, deputy director and national coach.

On the final day of the five-day course which started on July 1, all the participants were issued with Attestations, while the closing ceremony was held in a grand manner.