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Bangkok, Thailand, March 7, 2016 – To improve the referees’ English proficiency has become a hot issue raised among topics discussed in the AVC Referee Committee Meeting at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel in Bangkok on Monday

AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser, FIVB and AVC Honorary Life President Mr Wei Jizhong and AVC Executive Vice President Mr Essa Hamza jointly presided over the opening of the two-day meeting, while AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert and AVC Headquarters General Manager Dr Rueangsak Siriphol were also in attendance as the guests of honour.

Shortly after the opening speech by AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser, FIVB and AVC Honorary Life President Mr Wei Jizhong came up with his personal point of view about the role of referees.

“Referee is not a judge, but people think they are judges in a court. Anyone can make mistakes, players can make mistakes, coach can make mistakes. So, why not the referees? Now with the challenge system, most of the mistakes occurred is the net problem. It depends upon the referee’s accumulated experience to make it right or wrong while he is officiating,’ Mr Wei commented.

Mr Essa Hamza said, “I realise the future role of the referees. I have two remarks. Firstly, I think we have many AVC referees who are still active, but they are low in the FIVB tournaments. The word “low” here does not mean low in quality, but it’s low in number. So, we have to study how to increase the number of AVC referees to officiate those FIVB competitions.

“Secondly, sometimes, a team compete in a tournament without their accompanying referee. We need to push all NFs in AVC to send their accompanying referees. So, we’ve asked the Referee Committee to nominate AVC referees for FIVB tournaments,” he added.

AVC Referee Committee chairman Songsak Chareonpong revealed that the Committee had already submitted AVC referees to work in FIVB tournaments, but the FIVB did not nominate them, claiming that their evaluation was far from impressive with low English proficiency.

Mr Essa Hamza has purposed that a budget will be allocated by AVC to help their referees upgrade their English skills, while the Referee Committee Meeting also purposed that all participating teams must have three accompanying referees for each AVC events and AVC will select the best one among the three referees. However, if they all fail in a test of English skills, it is likely that they will be banned from officiating any future AVC competitions.

Meanwhile, Mr Abdulakhaliq Isa Alsabah from Bahrain, one of the Referee Committee Members, has decided to work with another Committee Member Mr Thomas Chang from Hong Kong for sustainable development of AVC beach volleyball.

Among the key topics discussed in the Referee Committee on Monday included Member activities report, refereeing delegate report from 2015 AVC events, updates on new technologies, reports on FIVB/AVC Referee Courses/Seminar in 2015, Referee online course report, International and Continental Referees and Refereeing Courses to be held in 2016.


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