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Tehran, Iran, October 24, 2016 – Iran set up a comprehensive talent-finding scheme with 8,000 volleyball players in basic age-group in both girls and boys category.

The Talent-finding Committee of Iranian Volleyball Federation is attempting to have the best selection for international events. More importantly, the scheme is as extensive as the 2024 Olympic Games.

In the boys’ category, five stages of camps were held in order that the last 400 players would be chosen to undergo physical, mental and supplementary evaluations. The selected players were then divided into three groups – A, B and C to put their preparations in two various age-groups.

A total of 182 players were then picked up to participate in a nine-day qualification camp of the youth on September 18 to get ready for the 2018 Asian Games. Afterwards, the top 31 players were invited to the first preparatory camp where a number would be decreased after 12 days of exercises to 23 players who started their training on Saturday, October 15.

The youth boys are getting ready for 2017 Asian Championship to be hosted either by Myanmar or Thailand. Coach Mr. Mohammad Vakili is rather famous in training the basic age groups and his players are now shining in the junior category, yet the national federation preferred him to work with the youth as he is very successful in forming the best composition.

In the girls’ parts, 173 players were chosen after five stages of qualification, out of whom 36 players were sifted for more evaluation. Serbian Majda Cicic, coach of the Iran women’s team, is still busy with selection procedures starting her campaign across the country to find the best players for next year’s tournaments.

President Dr Mohammad Reza Davarzani has visited the camps to throw in his support to the coaches and players. He believes, “There is no enough time up to the Asian tournaments. So, you’d better be serious in trainings in order that you will be successful in the Asian Games as well as world-class tournaments.”
He addressed his remarks to the young girls by saying, “Developing women’s volleyball is our important priority. We will do our best to assist them to reach their goals hence”.