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Nadi, Fij, December 1, 2016 – The AVC Beach Volleyball Referee Course, which was held to coincide with the Sub Zonal and Oceania Championships here between November 21 and 26, came to a successful close.

Referee Delegate Mr Stephen Giugni from Australia was the Course Director and Instructor for the six-day course, which was conducted both theoretically and practically. A total of 14 candidates from five countries including six men took part in the development course, jointly held by AVC and Fiji Volleyball Federation. The participating candidates consisted of four from Fiji, three from Tuvalu, two each from Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Solomon Islands and one from Australia.

“This was a great opportunity for Oceania to develop and promote their referees into AVC and potentially prepare them for FIVB events. The Zonal and Oceania Championships events were both used for the purposes of evaluation due to the number of matches and the level of preparedness and refereeing experience of the candidates,” Giugni said.

“The overall level of play was appropriate for AVC level evaluation due to the presence of a number of high-quality teams.
Fiji Volleyball also provided adequate supports, and attempted to meet all requests, despite the fact that they had very limited knowledge of high-level beach volleyball competitions.

“The level of experience of the candidates varied widely, from novice to very experienced, but with most referees having limited experience of high level competition and the associated protocols. All of them were eager to learn and willing to improve their knowledge and techniques in refereeing. All candidates had good ability with English. A number of candidates that registered were replaced, however, I don’t believe that the minimum number of candidates for a course was met, but the course was a success as a result of the increased knowledge in the Zone and the level of support provided to the Zone,” he commented.

According to the Course Director and Instructor, of the 14 participants, only one was very good but is unable to continue onto FIVB as a result of his age. Four candidates were considered to be able to get any assignment from all AVC Tour and Zonal Finals, while only six will reach that level with more experience at Zonal events.

Although four candidates failed in the practical and theoretical results, Giugni said that they were encouraged to continue their development at national level and attempt to attend another Oceania or AVC courses in the near future.