AVC News

Bangkok, Thailand, March 18, 2017 – AVC Press Committee members have been urged to increase contributions to improve their press operations, making the AVC website more globally usable.

The AVC Press Committee, in their second-year running, held their annual meeting on Saturday at Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel here with aims of reviewing their completed tasks and daunting challenges for more years to come aside from improving their working situations.

Ahead of the meeting, executive members consisting of AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser, FIVB and AVC Honorary Life President Mr Wei Jizhong, AVC Executive Vice Presidents Mr Essa Hamza and Madam Rita Subowo delivered their speeches to the Press Committee members, giving them some remarks how to improve their working and coordination and how to make the AVC website usable among Asian volleyball families and global viewers alike.

Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser thanked all Press Committee members for their dedication and efforts to accomplish their tasks the previous year and urged them to learn new things and catch up with technology trends.

Mr Wei Jizhong suggested that the committee members not focus mainly on press resources. The members should learn more to be rewriter-cum-editors, producing more comments and twitter-styled writing.

Mr Essa Hamza commented that all Press Committee members should be in charge of the press officers and help each other provide more interesting stories and volleyball activities to the committee which will help promote the AVC website. Aside from the website, the members should try to keep contact with more Asian volleyball families and global volleyball fans through their emails by sending out AVC stories and activities through emails. Related links should also be on display on AVC website stories to provide viewers further information in an attempt of directly promoting the website.

Meanwhile, several topics have been raised for discussions in the meeting. Ms Maryem Hessaby Dehbaneh from Iran suggested that more than one Press Delegate be nominated in case an AVC tournament attracts a huge field of participating teams, while Mr Wang Liang from China viewed that the AVC Press Seminar should continue because it provides knowledge and information some volleyball reporters have yet known. By joining the first AVC Press Seminar last year, Press members agreed unanimously that they have markedly improved their writing and learned how to become a successful Press Delegate if nominated.

The Press members have also been requested to change their working habits and writing style, making their contents more social media friendly which is key for content marketing success in the near future.