Bangkok, Thailand, April 4, 2017 – Mr. Somporn Chaibangyang, President of the South East Asian Volleyball Association, has recently been re-elected by a landslide as President of Thailand Volleyball Association for four consecutive times during the recent TVA General Assembly at Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel in Bangkok.

Somporn won 52-0 unanimous votes from all club members attending the annual meeting, where all attendants have been informed that according to the new rules of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Mr Somporn will maintain his presidency for the next four years, not two years previously.

After being re-elected, Mr. Somporn expressed his sincere thanks to all club members who trusted in him and gave him an opportunity to work and take care of the TVA for another term. He promised to upgrade Thai volleyball to meet world standards.

“We have set our goals to maintain the standard of the women’s volleyball team for the next four years,” Somporn said.

“As far as I’m concerned, the other Thai teams including juniors and youths also need more improvement to catch up with strong teams in Asia.The TVA will focus more on the development of the men’s teams and beach volleyball. Now we have the “Giant Project” to seek tall and talented rising stars to train and join the national encampment. Some of them have already participated in the national team.

“To be able to reach our goal and move up to the forefront teams of Asia, we have to start form the Asean. Our women’s and men’s indoor volleyball teams must first retain their SEA Games titles, while in the World Grand Prix tournament we have to do our best to keep our Group 1 ranking. For the FIVB World Championship Qualification Tournament, the national women’s volleyball team must play their best to finish top two teams of the pool to make the cut for the World Finals in Japan,” he added.

“In terms of TVA management, we have been working closely with AVC. We are recruiting and looking for those with great experience to work with us as executive committee members.

“After successfully hosting the World Grand Prix Finals last year, we will propose the FIVB on our intention to host the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World championship next year. However, a lot of money have to be allocated for this campaign.”


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