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Nagoya, Japan, September 8, 2017 – Zhang Changning recorded 15 points to lead China in their dominating 3-0 (25-14, 25-4, 25-12) win over Asian rivals Korea in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Grand Champions Cup at the Nippon Gaishi Hall on Friday.

Zhang made nine attacks, four blocks and an ace to lead China to a very strong performance against Korea, which were led by young players Lee Jaeyeong and Hwang Minkyoung who only had six points apiece. China dominated with 39 spikes, 13 blocks and five aces.

China are unbeaten in the 2017 edition and they have won six matches in a row for the first time in the competition.

China outclassed their neighbours Korea in the opening set with a strong 25-14 win, but the Rio 2016 Olympic champions completely dominated with a 15-0 start in the second set. Korea got their first point from a service error by Zhu and could only score three more points before China seized the set.

China captain Zhu Ting: Before today’s match, we had our coach’s instructions in our head and we were able to play as a tight unit of six players. It’s true I had a long stretch (15-0) of serving in the second set but we were just thinking about playing efficient volleyball.

China coach An Jiajie: In today’s game, our serve and blocking was good and our preparations worked out well. Halfway through the match, I introduced younger players in order to give them some experience. We still made some mistakes and overcoming these will be our next challenge. I want to use younger players in the matches when circumstances permit and I want them to play meticulous volleyball. It hasn’t been long since our new team was established so I hope our more experienced players will take a central role in getting things right.

Korea coach Hong Sungjin: Today, we lost to the power and height of the Chinese team. Once again, we were reminded that China is the best team in the world. My players are still learning and in today’s match it was important that our players learned many things. That was the reality of today’s game.

Korea captain Kim Su Ji: Our team consists mainly of younger players and the lack of experience really showed today. The Chinese are tall and we couldn’t compete with our lack of experience, but in saying that, today’s experience was valuable for this new team. We kept losing points in the second set. We couldn’t break through against their block. I just told my players to be brave in their play.


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