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Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, July 17, 2018 – Indonesia’s Garuda ignited a powerful 3-1 match against Vietnam’s VTV Binh Dien Long An (25-19, 25-23, 15-25, 25-20) in Tuesday’s 5th-8Th semi-finals of the SMM 2018 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship in Boris Alexandrov Palace.

Aprilia Manganang and captain Amalia Nabila Led the Indonesia club, scoring 17 points each.  Duong Thi Hen was the top scorer on the board, charting a total of 22 points for the losing club.

Amalia said “I am happy for today’s win, and that we were able to defeat Vietnam twice in this competition. I am confident that our team is getting better, slowly but surely.”

Teams showed nearly parallel skill, racing for each point in the first set. VTV Bing Dien Long An utilized D.T. Hen, Tran Thi Thanh Thuy at the wing, and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hoa at the middle. Garuda relied on Amalia, Aprilia and Novia Andriyanti for the attacks. Taking 16-13 at the first technical time-out, the Indonesia slowly pulled away with Wilda Sugandi working on good net defense. The Vietnam club meanwhile lost in crucial breaks of the set, to give their opponents the 25-19 win.

The next set likewise saw a close contest, with Garuda managing a narrow lead. Aprilia remained as the primary option as she continued to swing from the wing and the backline, The Indonesian side took 16-12 at the second TTO. VTV Binh Dien Long An started to impose pressure in serve to surprise the Indonesian receivers. The set came to read 16-16 at the scoreboard, with teams exchanging points. Aprilia took back-to-back points from the left side to bring Garuda to 25-23 in the second set.

By the third set, VTV Binh Dien Long An imposed their defense more aggressively. They needed to remember that they had the edge in blocking, especially with N.T.N. Hoa up front. They also tried to vary their offense by running combination plays, to help bring them to six-point lead at the second TTO. D.T. Hen helped connect from the left flank, making for the Vietnam club’s good momentum, all the way to a 25-15 finish in the third.

In the fourth set, Garuda gathered back their composure, taking 8-4 in the first TTO. The Vietnamese side worked their way back point after points, and equalized ay 12-12 with a service winner from Truong Thuy Anh Phuong. N.T.N. Hoa succeeded with a stuff block which for 16-15 in the second TTO. Momentum swung back to Garuda’s side with Amalia and Aprilia unleashing from the left side, and with Mutiara Retno serving up an ace. Asih Pangestuti snapped an attack down the middle to seal the final set at 25-20.

Garuda will look to finish in fifth place on Wednesday, July 18, awaiting the winners of the match between Iran’s Paykan and Chinese Taipei’s CMFC.


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