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Bangkok, Thailand, December 30, 2014 – As the new AVC Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand has already started working from October 1, 2014 followed by its official inauguration on December 2 the same year, the brand-new AVC website will be officially launched on January 1, 2015 to serve the needs of the media representatives from all 65 AVC affiliated member countries as well as volleyball enthusiasts around the globe for updated information, competition results and various AVC activities.

In line with the AVC Headquarters’s shift from Beijing, China to Bangkok, the AVC Press and Public Relations Department has realised the convenience of all the website users and therefore, started conducting a feasibility study on releasing the new AVC website. In fact, the AVC Press and Public Relations Department takes responsibility for the public relations and promotion task of the AVC, the support for the AVC website, the international transfer, the latest information of volleyball to al the affiliated federations, and the development of all kinds of medias for the best public relations of the AVC.

Thus, the AVC Press and Public Relations Department would like to announce that all the information shown on the previous AVC website (www.asianvolleyball.org) has already been transferred to a brand new AVC website (www.asianvolleyball.net). From January 1 onwards, those who want to serve the AVC website can obtain more updated information, results, photos on that new AVC website (www.asianvolleyball.net). Aside from general information on AVC, the updates on the AVC Competitions, Development and Marketing, Press and Public Relations, forms, bulletins and photos are also available on the new AVC website. Remarks and comments can also be made on the new AVC website. However, the previous AVC website (www.asianvolleyball.org) remains available, but any updates will be conducted by the AVC Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

To make the volleyball enthusiasts and all AVC affiliated member countries more convenient and allow them acknowledgement on social media, the AVC Facebook has already been available for the public, attracting more than 7,600 members so far. Those interested can visit the page by clicking www.facebook.com/AsianVolleyballConfederation, where updated AVC competitions, photos are ready to serve everyone’s need.