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Bangkok, Thailand, December 28, 2014 – Yanatorn Premkamol, a Thai beach volleyball referee with a promising future, has improved his health condition by leaps and bounds after a few months of suffering from severe illness.

Yanatorn left for Hong Kong on October 24 to referee a beach volleyball tournament and suddenly became severely ill from bacterial infection of the brain. He has lost his sight and hearing, experiencing frequent traumas. However, after checking Yanatorn’s symptoms, the medical team in Hong Kong recommended sending Yanatorn to Thailand for further treatment, which alleviated costs and facilitate prompt family attention.

Recent medical reports indicated Yanatorn being in a coma. Sending the patient to Thailand, of course, required high transportation costs from booking the entire aircraft with a specialized medical team. However, the Thailand Volleyball Association has initiated a devotion campaign to assist the Premkamol family’s financial supports for Yanatorn’s treatment. Thus, the TVA eventually decided to send Yanatorn to Thailand for treatment at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital.

As he showed further signs of improvement, the medical team acknowledged that there is a long road to recovery.  Yanatorn was sent home for further treatment in Ang Thong province.

Recently, Yanatorn showed more good signs of improvement. He reacted upon hearing, spoke normally and ate more food. Still, a walker is needed when he wanted to take a walk and a vision problem remains an influential factor to his sight. Another treatment is needed to make sure he will be physically in the pink soon.

Yanatorn thanked to all Thai people from all walks of life, who have donated their money to support his treatment. He also thanked the Thailand Volleyball Association in taking good care of him from the very first time he was sick in Hong Kong until he was sent back to Thailand for further treatment. He promised that if completely cured, he would make another return for his refereeing career.

According to Yanatorn’s family, during the treatment, Yanatorn proved well that he was very determined. That might be a beneficial factor to drastically improve his physical condition. Yanatorn  fought on and successfully made a comeback despite the fact almost everyone agreed it was rather difficult to see him survive.

The Premkamol family said that all expense paid for Yanatorn’s treatment and sending him via a chartered flight from Hong Kong to Thailand was 3 million baht in total, while donations through the Thailand Volleyball Association were approximate 600,000 baht. The volleyball association has already paid for initial expenses, while a major activity is due to be held in the near future to help seek more donations.

Yanatorn is the best friend of Pleumjit Thinkaow, a Thailand national women’s spiker and one of the most popular athletes in Thailand, since high school. He was on the way to passing the application exams to be the third professional in the history of Thailand to become an international referee.

News clip on Yanatorn’s condition can be seen in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_Ko9a-Sm1U