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Bangkok, Thailand, January 14, 2015 – Thailand has already turned into a volleyball hub of Asia when teams from several countries arrived in Thailand for their intensive training camp last year as coaches and referees took part in the FIVB and AVC seminars and courses held in the country.
Thailand hosted two major FIVB Technical Seminar Courses last year consisting of the prospect of VIS learning in E-Scoresheet development for future success between October 9 and 13 and the Setting from November 16 to 20. The former attracted 15 interested persons from eight countries to join the course, with a total of 20 coaches from five nations participating in the latter.
Thailand also became a training centre for several foreign teams last year as traveling to and in Thailand is very convenient with cheap travel and accommodation expenses. Aside from Australian men’s and women’s junior squads, those from Japan and Hong Kong also selected Thailand as their training camp.
Last October and November, the Ateneo Club men’s and women’s teams from the Philippines and Cong Club men’s team and Thongthinlienvietpostbank Club women’s side from Vietnam as well as Chang Xing Sports School team from China travelled to Thailand for their training.
“There are many factors which have made Thailand their choice for training. I think our country satisfied those teams with its pleasant training atmosphere and low costs. For any team arriving here for training, we will charge them only US$55 per person per day. This amount will include three meals with full-board accommodation. The training site called Ramkhamhaeng Training Centre is located very adjacent to the FIVB Development Centre and the Bangkok Inter Place Hotel. Therefore, it’s very comfortable for those teams, while safety has also been guaranteed,” cited Jaksuwan Torcharoen, secretary-general of the Thailand Volleyball Association.
“As far as I know, many foreign teams have shown their interests to come train in Thailand  because our women’s volleyball team performed well in international tournaments, while the AVC Headquarters is also located here in Bangkok,” he added.
“It is expected that after the announcement of the AVC competition calendar, foreign teams will start contacting us the Thailand Volleyball Association to request for their training camp in Thailand in year 2015. At the same time, more coaches and referees will also head to Thailand to attend the FIVB and AVC seminars and courses to be jointly organised by the AVC and FIVB later in the country. With Thailand serving as the competition and training sites as well as a host nation for those courses and seminars, I think our country has already become a hub for volleyball in Asia. The new season should be a brighter prospect for us to welcome more teams for training in Thailand and more coaches and referees for courses and seminars,” Jaksuwan concluded.
Photo: Young Australians are the other team arriving in Thailand last year for training.