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Article 1

This Confederation shall consist of the National Volleyball Federations affiliated with the FIVB in Asia and shall be called “the Asian Volleyball Confederation” (AVC).

The AVC shall represent the FIVB in Asia and act under authority of the FIVB and in conformity with all its constitution, regulations and decisions.

Since the AVC is a supporting institution of the FIVB, AVC is obligated to act unconditionally under the leadership of FIVB in accordance with FIVB Constitution, Code of Conduct, Rules and regulations. Any amendment and complement to the above mentioned documents become immediately effective to AVC.

The AVC will take the FIVB Code of Conduct as the AVC Code of Conduct, and violations will be sanctioned under the provisions of this Code of Conduct which apply, without distinction, to any discipline (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Park Volleyball) under AVC authority.