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Regarding the Technical Committees, Council and other matters stipulated in the Article 41 of the Statutes of the AVC.

Article 1

Each Committee and Council consists of a Chairman, a Secretary and 3 members decided by the Board of Administration. The members of the Technical Commission of the FIVB chosen from the AVC affiliated federations become honorary members of each Technical Committee and Council concerned of the AVC respectively.

Article 2

The Chairman’s office of the above-mentioned Technical Committee and Council are located at their respective national federations to which Chairmen belong.

Article 3

The period of membership of each of the said Technical Committee and Council is the same as that of the Board of Administration.

Article 4

Each Technical Committee and Council shall meet at least once a year.

Article 5

If a Chairman or any member of the Technical Committee and/or Council cannot hold his/her office until the period of his/her office expires, the Board of Administration has to appoint his substitute. The Board of Administration of the AVC must be notified about the reasons of the resignation, if any.

Article 6

If a member of the Technical Committees and/or Council fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings without justifiable reason, his membership shall be removed.