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Article 3

1. To strengthen and develop the affiliated federations increasing their mutual understanding and harmony as well as promoting volleyball in Asia.

2. To assist newly formed national federations to become members of the FIVB.

3. To regulate the divisions of the Zonal Associations, taking into consideration the geographical and the communication aspects & culture and linguistic factors.

4. To supervise and/or assist in all international competitions undertaken by any affiliated federation.

5. To set up meeting schedules and arrange any Championships, Olympic Qualification Tournaments and other international official competitions in Asia.

6. To promote the organization of any referees’ and coaches’ courses as well as course for all technical matters of volleyball.

7. To present proposals on the rules of the game or any common problems to the FIVB according to the majority decisions of the member federations.

8. Arbitrate disputes concerning volleyball arising between affiliated federations.

9. To take in charge all unforeseen matters.