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Article 4

AVC members, no matter whether there are any clear and definite regulations in its statutes, are subject to the FIVB Constitution, Regulations Code of Conduct and all decisions taken by the relevant FIVB institutions and must follow strictly their terms and provisions.

1. Membership shall be given to any national federation in Asia which is affiliated with FIVB, officially or temporarily, provided that the federation abides by the Articles of these Statutes.

2. Any national federation accepted as member of the AVC shall pay the annual membership fee whose amount is decided by the General Assembly.

3. All federations affiliated with the AVC shall be divided into 5 Zonal Associations, namely the Western Asian Zonal Association, the Central Asian Zonal Association, the Eastern Asian Zonal Association, the South East Asian Zonal Association and the Oceania Zonal Association according to the geographical aspect.

The division of the Zonal Associations shall be decided by the General Assembly according to the FIVB recommendation.