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Article 6

1. The General Assembly is the supreme authority of AVC. The member federations which fulfill their duties to the FIVB and AVC shall have the right and duty to send delegates accredited by these federations to attend the General Assembly.

2. The General Assembly shall meet every 2 years. The time and place of the meeting shall be decided by the previous General Assembly and notified to each federation by the Executive Director at least 1 year in advance.

3. The Executive Director shall issue the Agenda to the affiliated federations at least 2 months prior to the Assembly.

Article 7

1. The Assembly deliberates valid when at least one third of the affiliated federations are present or represented.

2. If a properly notified Assembly shall not have a quorum, it shall be postponed 24 hours and shall resume with its decisions having the full authority of the AVC.

3. The President shall be Chairman of the Assembly and control the discussions in accordance with the Statues. The Chairman may start or suspend discussions when he considers it necessary in the best interest of the AVC.

The Chairman may order the propositions to be put to the vote when he considers the time opportune and only if these propositions comply with the Statues in force.

4. The Chairman can suggest to the Assembly that disciplinary measures be taken against members who interfere with the smooth running of the discussions and the Assembly may exclude such persons from one or more sessions of the Assembly.

5. In case the President is absent at the General Assembly, one of the Executive Vice- Presidents shall be designated as Chairman at the Assembly. Such a new Chairman shall exercise the full authority of the President while conducting the Assembly.

Article 8

1. A federation may have maximum of two Delegates and if necessary one interpreter and has the right to case only one vote. A Delegate has the right to exercise only one proxy of another federation to vote, in addition to his own federation.

2. The Delegates must have a written accreditation sealed and signed by the President and Secretary General of the Federation that they represent.

3. A federation may be represented as follows:

a. By any accredited representative of the Federation concerned.

b. By any member of another affiliated Federation but this latter Federation cannot represent more than two proxies including its own.

Proxy must be explicitly written and signed by the President and secretary General of the Federation involved with its official seal.

4. All Delegates must present their accreditation in order to be accepted by the Assembly before its opening.

Article 9

1. All questions to be submitted to the Assembly by a federation must reach the AVC Headquarters not later than 4 months prior to the Assembly.

2. Only those questions appearing on the agenda shall be discussed. Should an emergency arise, questions which are not included on the agenda may be discussed, provided they have been decided by 1/2 of the votes cast by the General Assembly.

3. All the AVC officials, including B/A, E/C, T/C members and other officials and staffs, must abide by the Statues, Rules, and Regulation of FIVB and AVC, and must implement strictly all the decisions of FIVB and AVC.

4. AVC shall have two at least female members in Board of Administration and Executive Committee.

The points listed below must appear on the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly.

a. Opening address by the President.

b. Installation of Verification Committee.

c. Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee.

d. Approval of the minutes of the previous meetings of the General Assembly.

e. Affiliations, resignations and expulsions of national federations.

f. General activity report by the Executive Director.

g. Report of the Treasurer.

h. Auditors report.

i. Audit of accounts for the past fiscal year.

j. Approval of budget proposals.

k. Study of proposals for amending the by-laws.

l. Questions made by national federations as stipulated in this Article.

m. Presentation of reports by the permanent Technical Committee and Council.

n. Election of new members of the Board of Administrations (every 4 years).

o. Election of an Auditor (Every 4 years).

p. Announcement of the place and date of the following General Assembly according to the Statutes.

q. Other business.

r. Closing address by the President.

Article 10


a. Candidates for the membership of the Board of Administration shall be nominated and be submitted by the affiliated national federation concerned at least 3 months prior to the opening date of the General Assembly to the AVC Headquarters.

However, the outgoing members of the Board of Administration are eligible without nomination, unless the federation involved submits a written statement of disapproval at least 3 months before the opening of the General Assembly.

b. Candidates for the auditorship shall be nominated and be submitted by the affiliated federations at least 3 months before the opening of the General Assembly, except for the outgoing Auditor who is eligible for the election.

c. A list of above-mentioned candidates including both names and nationality shall be sent to all affiliated federations not later than 2 months prior to the General Assembly.

d. Upon recommendation of President of AVC, the Board of Administration nominates Chairman, Secretary and Members of each Technical Committee and Council, Executive Director of AVC, Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer and AVC Tournament Director.

e. Executive Director of AVC shall be nominated by President of AVC.


a. President nominates a Verification Committee composed of 5 members from each Zonal Association.

b. When the number of candidates exceeds the quota per Zonal Association stipulated by Article 15-1, President puts it to vote by all delegates.

c. When the number of candidates does not reach the quota per Zonal Association stipulated by Article 15-1, this vacancy of the quota will be filled by the Board of Administration at its next meeting by nominating a suitable candidate from among the Zonal Association involved.

d. Election vote shall take place by secret ballot.

3. Voting on all propositions shall be made by show of hands, but if this does not show a clear decision, the President shall call upon the Federation by name to vote in alphabetical order. If a majority of the Assembly decides to put to a secret ballot, which will take place on any matter.

4. The President may have a casting vote in the case of equal votes, except for elections.

Article 11

The General Assembly can grant an honorable title to any person that offers good services in the field of volleyball in Asia.