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C = Coaches Course, TS = Technical Seminar

From To Country Type Category Language(s)
TBD Argentina C Level I Spanish
TBD Argentina C Level I Spanish
TBD Argentina TS Setting Spanish
8-Mar 12-Mar Bahrain TS Young Players English
17-Mar 20-Mar Dominican Republic TS School Volleyball Seminar Spanish
20-Mar 31-Mar Senegal C Level I French
21-Mar 25-Mar Argentina TS Defense/Serve/Libero Spanish
25-Mar 28-Mar Mexico TS Beach Get Involved Coaches Spanish
27-Mar 31-Mar Argentina TS Teachers Spanish
3-Apr 14-Apr Morocco C Level I French
5-Apr 9-Apr Bahrain TS Teachers (Female) English
5-Apr 16-Apr Kuwait C Level I English
6-Apr 10-Apr Barbados TS Defense/Serve/Libero English
7-Apr 19-Apr Haiti C Level II French
12-Apr 16-Apr Bahrain TS Teachers (Male) English
14-Apr 25-Apr India C Level I English
2-May 13-May Mexico C Level I Spanish
3-May 7-May Senegal TS NF Administration French
3-May 7-May Kuwait TS VIS Course English
3-May 14-May Bahrain C Level I English
10-May 14-May Iran TS Outside Hitter/Serve English
18-May 22-May Tunisia TS VIS Course French
19-May 31-May Senegal C Level II French
24-May 28-May Bahrain TS VIS Course English
1-Jun 12-Jun Egypt C Level I English
1-Jun 13-Jun Egypt C Level II English
2-Jun 6-Jun Sudan TS Data Volley English
3-Jun 14-Jun Tunisia C Level I French
4-Jun 6-Jun England TS Outside Hitter/Serve English
4-Jun 6-Jun England TS Setting English
7-Jun 11-Jun Bahrain TS Professional Coaches English
8-Jun 12-Jun Indonesia TS VIS Course English
13-Jun 20-Jun Egypt C Level III English
1-Jul 5-Jul India TS Setting English
6-Jul 17-Jul Barbados C Level I English
11-Jul 15-Jul Venezuela TS Beach Get Involved Spanish
14-Jul 17-Jul Dominican Republic TS School Volleyball Seminar Spanish
16-Jul 23-Jul Senegal C Level III French
21-Jul 1-Aug Iran C Level I English
22-Jul 3-Aug Tunisia C Level II French
24-Jul 4-Aug Venezuela C Level I Spanish
5-Aug 15-Aug Mexico C Level I Spanish
10-Aug 21-Aug Tunisia C Level I BVB French
17-Aug 21-Aug Barbados TS Middle Player English
19-Aug 31-Aug Philippines C Level I English
23-Aug 27-Aug Iran TS Defense/Serve/Libero English
31-Aug 4-Sep Venezuela TS Players Spanish
1-Sep 5-Sep Sudan TS Physical Preparation English
1-Sep 13-Sep Morocco C Level II French
20-Sep 27-Sep Kingdom of Thailand C Level III English
27-Sep 4-Oct Iran C Level III English
1-Oct 5-Oct Tunisia TS Middle Player French
5-Oct 15-Oct Costa Rica C Level II Spanish
6-Oct 18-Oct India C Level II English
13-Oct 16-Oct Dominican Republic TS School Volleyball Seminar Spanish
20-Oct 24-Oct  Kingdom of Thailand TS Teachers English
20-Oct 31-Oct Mexico C Level II Spanish
3-Nov 7-Nov Indonesia TS Teachers English
10-Nov 13-Nov Dominican Republic TS Physical Education Teachers BVB Spanish
15-Nov 22-Nov Qatar C Level I BVB English
16-Nov 20-Nov Kingdom of Thailand TS Defense/Serve/Libero English
17-Nov 28-Nov Sudan C Level I BVB English
20-Nov 30-Nov Mexico C Level II Spanish
4-Dec 8-Dec Iran TS Physical Preparation English