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Beijing, China, March 15, 2015 – Chinese men’s volleyball team gave media an opportunity to visit them at the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports of China in Beijing on Friday.
With the appearance of newly-selected seven young players, the team is devoted to get accustomed to a new combination and get ready for the Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship which is due to take place in Tehran, Iran from July 31 to August 8 this year.
The content of open class was mainly about rehabilitation training. “The team members just finished their League matches in accordance with the performance of each club. With the new partners expected to blended in, they are given two weeks to restore state.” The head coach Guochen Xie said, “Instead of combat drill, they are doing simple cooperative training currently. Cooperation between young blockers as well as setters and players in other places needs to go deeper. ”
Chinese men’s volleyball team have fallen out of the first qualification match for 2016 Rio Olympic Games – the Men’s World Cup, which will take place in Japan from September 8 to 23 this year. The Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship will be their only approach to the qualification match for Rio Olympics. “To be frank, it turns to be much unpredictable to get qualified since the quota for Asian teams have been cut from five to four.” Xie said, “Considering the injuries and lack of confidence to Asian rivals, we got several young members. It has pros and cons though.”
Compared with the women’s team, Chinese men’s squad enjoy less public attention. “As what I’ve always told to my coach colleagues and players, we have to prove ourselves by gaining better performance and results, and we are working on it.”
The team will leave for Qinhuangdao city for an intensive training next week.