AVC News

 Bangkok, Thailand, March 6, 2015 – The AVC Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand have been informed by Japan Volleyball Association on Friday morning that Mr Tatsuya Adachi, who had been working as the FIVB Coach Instructor, died of myocardial infarction on March 6. He was 53.

His family decided to hold private funeral for him. Mr Adachi was born in Takanabe, Miyazaki, Japan on June 20, 1962.

He was a professional volleyball player and coach for long time in Europe and the USA aside from working for the JVA til he passed away on Friday morning.

Recognised as the FIVB Coach Instructor in 1988, Mr Adachi had many opportunities to visit more than 30 countries in five different continents including England, France, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Fiji, Kuwait, Iran and Thailand to conduct official FIVB Coaches Courses and Seminars.

Mr Adachi completed his high school Takanabe in Japan in 1980 and went abroad to study in the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers University from 1981-1986. He obtained Bachelor Degree of Physical Education in Health Education. Mr Adachi used to be the Assistant Professor at Lausanne University in Switzerland from 1986 to 1987 and established the first ever Setter’s School in Switzerland. From 1988-1993, Mr Adachi was qualified as Professor and Instructor at CREPS (Ministry of Sports/France), coaching for France, First Division Men’s and Women’s Teams (Halluin and Courriere), with Courriere proceeded to participate in European Cups.

Mr Adachi might have been appointed for some coaches courses and/or some events in volleyball development and coaches activities. Consequently, the JVA would like to ask for cancellation of Mr Adachi’s future activities.