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Canberra, Australia, April 13, 2015 – Leading Australian and International sports broadcaster Tracey Lee Holmes has been appointed to the Volleyball Australia Board of Directors.

Volleyball Australia President, Craig Carracher, said Holmes would bring to Volleyball Australia not just the experience of working with some of the world’s biggest and most revered media networks, but also the experience of working in 10 Olympic Games.

Tracey Holmes Brief Bio

For the past 25 years Tracey Holmes has worked in journalism and communications, working with some of the world’s most respected media platforms – CNN International, Dubai Eye, CCTV China, Foxtel, SBS and the ABC.

One of Tracey’s first tours of duty following her sports broadcasting cadetship at the ABC was to anchor ABC TV’s coverage of the Australian World Series Beach Volleyball Tour.

An award-winning interviewer, Tracey has sat down and drawn the best out of a collection of the world’s most interesting people – from Prime Ministers to Presidents, Kings and Sheikhs, from awe inspiring athletes to challenging and thought provoking academics, from legendary entertainers to the most ordinary men and women in the street.

Tracey’s passion for sport has seen her cover 10 Olympic Games. She’s been a broadcast mentor for the IOC’s Young Reporter Program at each of the three editions of the Youth Olympic Games. Currently Tracey is an ABC presenter and senior reporter, host of The Ticket on ABC News Radio, and frequent writer for The Drum.

“Tracey’s expertise in sport journalism combined with her understanding of the role of sport to unify and to embrace diversity will add tremendously to the skill set of our board as we approach Rio in 2016 and Tokyo 2020,” Volleyball Australia President, Craig Carracher, said.

“Tracey’s deep experience in sport and Olympic reporting, as well as her appreciation of the role of sport and volleyball across our regional Asian markets, will greatly enhance the organisational capabilities of Volleyball Australia.”

The appointment of Tracey Holmes increases the Volleyball Australia board to eight members, including two directors independent of volleyball, and a former Olympian and national team athlete.

There are also members with capabilities in corporate and commercial revenue procurement, independent expertise in marketing, branding, media and journalism, two directors from the finance sector, two directors from the education and sports sector, and a director with legal, governance and compliance qualifications.

“National sporting organisations are evolving and volleyball, as one of the world’s largest sports and a top Olympic sport, will continue to modernise its approach to sport leadership and embrace the diversity that represents the character of the most gender equal global team sport in the world,” Carracher said.

The new Volleyball Australia board comprises:

Craig Carracher, President.

Anita Palm, Vice President.

Phil Muller, Vice President.

Riad Tayeh, Finance Director.

Anouk Darling.

Malcolm Borgeaud.

Andrew Scotford.

Tracey Holmes.