Volleyball News
Canberra, Australia, June 24, 2015 – As part of the Pacific Sports Partnership, Volleyball Australia (VA) has been delivering the Pacific Volleyball Partnership (PVP) to increase levels of regular physical activity amongst women and girls at the community level in a number of Pacific countries.
VA has been successfully managing a grant from the Australian Government to support volleyball’s Pacific regional and national sports federations to achieve the following objectives,
– Increased levels of regular participation of Pacific islanders, including people with disability, in quality sport activities;
– Improved health-related behaviours of Pacific islanders which impact on NCD risk factors, focusing on increasing levels of physical activity.
After beginning in July 2014, volleyball programs in Fiji and Vanuatu are coming to a close but staff and participants are simultaneously readying themselves for another year of volleyball activities. VA’s Community Development Manager for the Pacific was recently in both countries to witness the community activities. The Manager also took this chance to work with partners at the Vanuatu and Fiji Volleyball Federation’s to review the program’s successes and feed these into planning for the next 12 months.
VA looks forward to working with its regional and country partners in the Pacific for the remainder of 2015 and into the future.