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Tehran, Iran, June 28, 2015- Poland overcame the partisan cheering home fans of Iran to beat the host side in dramatic four sets 23-25 25-20 25-20 25-19 in their World League match on Sunday.
By this win Poland team raised their points to 20 and as pervious weeks stays at the second row of Pool B after USA, and Iran would play on coming Friday and Sunday against Russia. The USA defeated Russia 3-1 and with 23 points became the first team of Pool B.
Poland scored 22 points through their best scorer, while Shahram Mahmoudi of Iran with 12 points was the best scorer for his side.
The blocking and spiking dominance was the key factor for the Poland team to win the match as they got use from personal mistakes of Iran players, making incardination among the Iran players was very apparent
It was a fantastic game full of thrill and volleyball action as both teams used their different combinations especially in the first set which showed exciting rallies till the Iran team won the set 25-23.
Poland rebounded in the second set to take an initial 8-6 lead and stretched it to 16-13 at the TTOs till the Iran players  lost the rhythm  and opponents went on to lead 20-15. Iran players committed unperfected attempts in defense and service, Poland stormed on to win the set 25-20.
In the third set. Poland led 8-5, Iran came up with good performance and tied it 10-10. Again Poland showed precise attention in service and spike to widen the gap 22-18, and easily won the set 25-20.
The fight  became more aggressive in the fourth set as Poland showed a highly disciplined reception which aided them to perform sharp spikes to win the set 25-19 and the 3-1 match.
Press conference
Michal Kubiak, captain of Poland: “Congratulations to Iran team, they forced Poland to play well. With the presence of such a huge number of spectators, to win this match was very hard; we performed our best play in the World League.
Saeed Marouf, setter and captain of Iran said: “Poland players took control of the game; we were also playing under pressure. We could not do any more action and gave the match in a bad situation. Chance was not with us in this game. When the opponents are playing well it is normal that your team is not playing well, reason of loss was not mistakes of our players.”
Stephane Antiga head coach of Poland: “ I am very glad that we won the match. This was one of the best performances of Poland in the current year’s World League. Iran are powerful. Jarosz Jakub our opposite spiker did a good job and in absence of his team mate played a perfect role for the win. Last year in front of Brazil Jakub also played such but in first game here in Tehran he could not shine. Today Poland played better than first match with Iran. Our team become better day by day. In the first set Iran played well, while Poland was perfect in reception and it leads to our win.”
 “We had a very good start in the game, during the 2nd and 3rd set we had problem in spike. When we are playing versus a powerful team such as Poland, we should press them by service, unfortunately tonight we could not push press over them, we could not get use from energy of spectators and we are ashamed of them.” Slobodon Kovac head coach of Iran.