Volleyball News

Tehran, Iran, October 22, 2015 – The comprehensive talent-finding plan of Iran Volleyball Federation commenced with the enrolment of 8,000 young players aged between 10 to 12 targeting to become the pick of the bunch for the future Iraninan national team for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The potential 300 boys from the first and second rounds of the qualification have already made the cut for the third round, which took place this April for 17 days in Tehran. All activities of the selected players were recorded in portfolios in order to maintain their preparation process.
The third round was composed of two age groups of 150 players who participated in eight two-day rounds and were finally categorized in Pool A, B and C based on their physical and mental status, skills as well as their body types.
There were 12 physical tests, 30 tests of body types and eight skill checklists under the supervision of a technical team consisting of 32 persons, 12 of them coaches and 20 medical specialists.
Based upon the talent-finding committee of Iran Volleyball Federation, all the players were teamed up with three groups as far as the facilities offered to take part in the preparatory trainings of the youth team for the years 2017-2019. In so doing, the trainings have started since June in eight regions of four provinces apiece. The players will then have their performance in turn at different places.
In each region, there are four coaches and a supervisor in charge of observing the process and are in direct connection with the talent-finding committee of the federation and are at the same time responsible for transferring and executing the federation’s program and lesson plans.
These are all the processes Iran Volleyball Federation is to go through to choose the players for 2024 Olympic Games.
There were also two mini-volleyball festivals held in 2015 besides perusing the programs of the talent-finding committee in Iran. Furthermore, in the boy’s part, there were more than 1000 and in the girls even, 300 teams were participating from all over the cities of Iran.
The qualification process of the players for the Olympic 2028 will be on the same basis as well.