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Jogjakarta, Indonesia, October 11, 2015 – Australia sweep both titles on offer in the 2015 AVC Beach Volleyball Tour – Indonesia Jogjakarta Open, with Mariafe Artacho Del Solar/Nicole Laird powering past Chinese Tang Ningya/Chen Chunxia in comfortable showdown 21-13 21-15 to capture the women’s crown.
In the semi-finals earlier, Australian second seeds Peruvian-born Artacho Del Solar/Laird, who finished third place at the recent AVC Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship in Hong Kong, pulled off a scintillating 21-19 21-16 win over the Thai third seeds Varapatsorn Radarong/Tanarattha Udomchavee, silver medallists at the last year’s Asian Beach Games on home soil and the Asian Games in Incheon, Korea.
Chinese Tang Ningya/Chen Chunxia smashed Australia’s dreams of setting up an all-Australians final to outclass Jordan Mowen/Becchara Palmer 21-14 21-15 in the other semi-final encounter.
Against Chinese Tang/Chen in the women’s showdown, Artacho Del Solar/Laird performed well offensively and defensively. After taking the first set without difficulty 21-13, the Australians remained in smashing form in the second set, with Artacho Del Solar attacking devastatingly. Tang and Chen tried to improve their fortunes by tightening their defence, but their attempts did not last long. The Aussies went on their splendid performance to win the second set 21-15, the match and the championship.
The eventual winners Artacho Del Solar/Laird captured the Champions Trophy plus US$4,000 and 280 world ranking points, while silver medallists Tang and Chen claimed US$3,000 and 252 points.
The third-place playoff saw Thailand’s Varapatsorn Radarong/Tanarattha Udomchavee come from behind to beat Australians Jordan Mowen/Becchara Palmer in hard-fought three-set thriller 18-21 21-18 15-11.
In the men’s event, Australians Cole Durant/Bo Soderberg and Indonesians Fahriansyah Fahriansyah/Ashfiya Mohammad powered their ways into the final showdown with the similar fashion.
Durant/Soderberg came from behind to beat Iranians Bahman Saleminjehboroun/Rahman Raoufi 18-21 21-19 15-13 in the semi-finals, while Fahriansyah/Ashfiya did likewise to produce a comeback 2-1 (28-30 21-12 15-7) win over Kazakhstan’s Sergey Bogatu/Alexandr Dyachenko in the other semi-final clash.
In the men’s showdown, Aussies Durant/Soderberg came up with brilliant form to stun Indonesians Fahriansyah/Ashfiya and their home crowds in straight sets 21-14 21-11 to clinch the men’s title. Durant/Soderberg landed the Champions Trophy plus US$4,000 cash prize and 280 world ranking points.
In the third-place playoff, Iranians Bahman Saleminjehboroun/Rahman Raoufi hit back from the first-set down 16-21 to win the remaining two sets 21-19 15-12 in a thrilling clash against Kazkhstan’s Bogatu/Dyachenko.
MEN: Fahri/Ashfiya (Indonesia) b Bogatu/Dyachenko (Kazakhstan) 2-1 (28-30 21-12 15-7); Durant/Soderberg (Australia) b B.Salemi/R.Raoufi (Iran) 2-1 (18-21 21-19 15-13)
WOMEN: Tang Ningya/Chen Chunxia (China) b Mowen/Palmer (Australia) 2-0 (21-14 21-15); Artacho Del Solar/Laird (Australia) b Radarong/Udomchavee (Thailand) 2-0 (21-19 21-16)
MEN: B.Salemi/R.Raoufi (Iran) b Bogatu/Dyachenko (Kazakhstan) 2-1 (16-21 21-19 15-12)
WOMEN: Radarong/Udomchavee (Thailand) b Mowen/Palmer (Australia) 2-1 (18-21 21-18 15-11)
MEN: Durant/Soderberg (Australia) b Fahri/Ashfiya (Indonesia) 2-0 (21-14 21-11)
WOMEN: Artacho Del Solar/Laird (Australia) b Tang Ningya/Chen Chunxia (China) 2-0 (21-13 21-15)
1. Durant/Soderberg (Australia) 280 points
2. Fahri/Asfiya (Indonesia) 252 points
3. B.R.Salemi/R.Raufi (Iran) 224 points
4. Bogatu/Dyachenko (Kazakhstan) 196 points
5. Court/Schumann (Australia); Li Zhuoxin/Li (China); Houshmand/A. Pourasgari (Iran); Jefferson/Mahmoud (Qatar) 168 points
9. Ha Likejiang/Bao J (China); Licardo/Candra (Indonesia); Shiratori/Hasegawa (Japan); Takahashi/Ageba (Japan); Yakovlev/Sidorenko (Kazakhstan); O’Dea/Watson (New Zealand); Haitham/Ahmed (Oman); Kittipat/Sukto (Thailand) 140 points
17. Young/Becaldo (Philippines); Naresh/Raju (India); Shiunaz/Anil (Maldives); Kapa/Seymour (New Zealand); Nouh/Mazin (Oman) 112 points
25. Shing/Fung (Hong Kong); Dian/Giland (Indonesia); Soares/Fernandes (Timor Leste); Santosa/Ramadhan (Timo Leste)
1. Artacho Del Solar/Laird (Australia) 280 points
2. Tang Ningya/Chen Chunxia (China) 252 points
3. Radarong/Udomchavee (Thailand) 224 points
4. Mowen/Palmer (Australia) 196 points
5. Dhita/Putu (Indonesia); Ishii/Murakami (Japan); Kusano/Hasegawa (Japan); Mashkova/Tsimbalova (Kazakhstan) 168 points
9. Ayu/Yokebed (Indonesia); Thirumahalakshmi/Maheswari (India); Samlikova/Lassyuta (Kazakhstan); Numwong/Hongpak (Thailand) 140 points
13. Desi/Bela (Indonesia); Corte Real Tlman Maria Dircia/BeloKezia Deolinda (Timor Leste) 126 points