Volleyball News

Canberra, Australia, October 29, 2015 – Volleyball Australia is on the lookout for a coach to take charge of the most improved team in the world.The Australian women’s indoor team has climbed from a world ranking of 100 at the start of 2014 to its current rating of 41, and has an exciting program mapped out ahead of the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.

The team will play in a third consecutive season of the prestigious World Grand Prix in 2016, the AVC Cup in Vietnam, and the World Championship qualifiers.

Volleyball Australia is looking for a coach with international experience, who can help steer the Australian women’s team to the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.

The position will be part-time, but will offer attractive benefits – including working in one of the world’s most exciting sporting nations, with a small but dedicated and professional team.

“We are very excited about the future for our women’s volleyball team, and have made an enormous commitment to its future,” Volleyball Australia CEO, Mathieu Meriaux, said.

“Part of that commitment is to appoint a coach who can help steer the team on this challenging but rewarding program.”

Interested applicants should contact Mr Meriaux at Mathieu.Meriaux@avf.org.au