Beach Volleyball News


Tehran, Iran, January 16, 2015: It has been for the first time Iran will host the 2016 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour from February 14 to 19 in Kish Island.

The registration has been open since December 21 and will last for one month. A total of 65 teams from 23 countries have so far submitted their entries. However, a number of the participating teams are expected to increase when it comes to the deadline of registration. Iran and Kazakhstan will be sending seven teams apiece, making it the highest amount of the participants to be fielded by a country.

Aside from seven teams each from Iran and Kazakhstan, the other teams to be pitted in the six-day tournament are Italy (6 teams), Austria (5), Poland (5), Norway (5), Canada (4), Germany (3), Turkey (3), USA (2), China (3), Czech Republic (2), Qatar (2), Russia (2) and one team apiece from Australia, Belgium, England, France, Lituania, Estonia, Switzerland, Venezuela , and Mexico.

Seven teams from Iran have already made their presence certain, from which the players comprise 1. Bahman Salemi/Rahman Raoufi, 2. Saber Houshmand/Abas Pourasgari, 3. Abdulhamed Mirza Ali/Ibrahim Sansabili, 4. Amir Shoushtarizadeh/Shahram Ghasemkhah, 5. Behnam Tavakoli/Arash Vakili, 6. Bahman Gholipour/Reza Naeini, 7. Parviz Farrokhi/Agh Mohammad Salagh. Mr. Kasra Ghafoori, Secretary of Beach Volleyball Organisation, said: “We are going to have one more team from Iran in the preliminary round”.

It is noteworthy to add that registration does not secure any right for the candidates. Two or three days before the starting time, final teams are decided on. However, the registration shows the amount of interest drawn into the Kish Island Open and there is still the possibility for more teams to be added. The final candidates will be selected on the basis of world ranking.


The starting numbers will be 32 teams grouping into eight four-team pools. The cash prize will be awarded to 32 teams on the basis of the final ranking.