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Forty volleyball academy off the ground in Iran
Tehran, Iran, March 3, 2016 – Iranian volleyball officials and delegates of Sport and Youth Ministry took part in the opening ceremony of 40 volleyball academy on Tuesday.
Along with the talent-finding programs that Iran Volleyball Federation have taken decisive steps to follow since 2006, organising volleyball academy was also formed to develop the talents in the scientific and fair way. In so doing, the attempt is made since February 1 to take all these academies under the wing of the national federation. This is officially done in a ceremony with the presence of the IVF’s President Dr.Davarzani and the delegates of Youth & Sport Ministry.
The volleyball development in Iran has been tremendously given full support by the private sectors and it is also expected to extend the number of the academy to 100 by adding 60 more by the end of March.
It is noteworthy to add that the comprehensive talent-finding plan for girls and boys has started in 2014 with over 11,000 candidates. The selection was made after four various stages wherein 150 boys and 100 girls arranged the final squad of camps in basic age groups. Of the most important results to implement all these roadmaps is to form a good Iran Olympic team in 2024. 
Tehran Gas crowned champions at 14th Iran Women’s Super League 
Tehran, Iran, March 3, 2016 – In-form Tehran Gas captured the 14th Iran Women’s Super League after winning 11 matches in succession including a stunning victory over title-holders Saipa in the 11th week of the top-flight League.
The 14th edition of the Iran Women’s Super League featured seven teams to vie for the crown consisting of Saipa, Shahrdari Urmia, Tabriz Shahrdari, Fars BarghJadid, Isfahan ZobAhan, Azad University and Tehran Gas, contesting home and away matches.
The participating teams are respectively ranked in terms of wins, points, set and point averages, with the team sealing most wins crowned the champions.
Tehran Gas, which took the bronze medal last year, came back much stronger this time to eventually land the title after snatching 11 wins with crucial 29 points. Azad University came in second place with nine wins and aggregate 29 points.
The 14th Iran Women’s Super League started on November 26 last year and will be concluded on March, 4. A total of 42 matches were held in this edition.
Isfahan ZobAhan, which won the most titles in the Super League with five gold, four silver, and one bronze medals, are likely to finish better than the thrid position.
Last year’s Super League (2014-2015) was held with six participating teams. Azad University captured the title, with Isfahan ZobAhan, Tehran Gas, Khorasan Mizan, Urmia Shahrdari, and Fars Hey’at Volleyball ranked respectively.  
Final rankings
1. Tehran Gas 32 points
2. Azad University 29 points 
3. ZobAhan 25 points
4. Shiraz Bargh 19 points
5. Tehran Saipa 12 points
6. Urmia Shahrdari 6 points
7. Tabriz Shahrdari 0