Volleyball News
Bangkok, Thailand, April 25, 2016 – All is set for the 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix Finals as the organisers held a press conference on Monday to review their readiness and confirm that Thailand is ready to host the women’s premier volleyball competition.The meeting took place on Monday at the Auditorium C-Asean Room, Cyber World Building in Bangkok, with Sports Authority of Thailand’s Governor Sakol Wannapong and Somporn Chaibangyang, President of Thailand Volleyball Association, jointly presiding. A large number of journalists also turned up for the meeting to interview Thai head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai and team players, who joined the Monday’s press conference.

Also in attendance in the meeting were Dr Varin Tansupasiri, deputy secretary-general of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, Borisut Buranasamrit, Public Relations Managing Director at Bangkok Entertainment, the Host TV Broadcaster, Suthon Komolsen from Ministry of Tourism and Sports as well as representatives from several working groups.

The FIVB World Grand Prix Finals are scheduled to be held from July 6 to 10 at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium inside the Sports Authority of Thailand Sports Complex. Top five teams from the three-week preliminaries plus hosts Thailand will test their mettle in the Bangkok Finals.

In his speech to the meeting attendants, TVA President Somporn said, “TVA have tried our best in bidding to become one of candidate countries. We have asked cooperation from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Bangkok Metropolitan, Sports Authority of Thailand and Bangkok Entertainment to confirm our readiness to host the World Grand Prix Finals, the world’s greatest women’s volleyball competition. Eventually, we won the bidding. I confirm all of you that Thailand is now ready to host the 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix Finals from July 6 to 10.”

OCT’s deputy secretary-general Dr Varin said, “As the FIVB allowed Thailand the green light to host the World Grand Prix Finals, regarded as one of the world’s volleyball spectacles, I think it’s a good proof that our country have potentials and readiness to host any world-class competition. Furthermore, those involved in helping make this top-flight competition a success including sports associations, host province, staff as well as team and staff coaches have also played vital parts in supporting the staging of the competition and try to do their best to help make the tournament a success.”

In terms of the live broadcast, Bangkok Entertainment, as the Host TV Broadcaster, Borisut Buranasamrit, its Public Relations Managing Director, said, “We’ve geared up all tasks ahead and we are now ready to televise live matches. We’ve also planned to promote the competition in our sports-related TV programmes all day long before and during the match days. Spectators who don’t have tickets to watch matches inside the venue can go back home and watch matches live via Channel 3 (Bangkok Entertainment) at their homes.”

The other working groups including Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Dhospaak, the company taking care of the benefits and privileges. and Thai Drink Company as the Presenting Sponsor also confirmed their readiness in jointly hosting the 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix Finals and make a success out of their efforts.

On the same occasion, Thailand women’s national volleyball team players and staff coaches also took part in the meeting and during the interview session, Thai head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai spoke of the reasons why Pleumjit Thinkaow has replaced Wilavan Apinyapong as team captain despite the fact that Wilavan has been the team captain for around 10 years.

“Staff coaches and all team players have unanimously agreed with the change. However, it’s not just the matter of the change, but we (staff coaches) want to give a chance to any potential senior player who can handle this heavy responsibility. Despite the change, Wilavan still plays an important role in guiding the team, while the main responsibility will belong to Pleumjit,” Kiattipong said.

“I think the Finals will be a daunting challenge for our team. Those playing in the Finals must be very strong sides with incredible performances and amazing tactics. We just have to come out and prove our talents against them. I believe that my team will do our best in front of home crowd. Without doubts, it will turn out to be a great show any one should not miss. I’m also convinced that there will be some teams joining us in the Finals to win medals in the Rio Games.”

High-profile setter Noosara Tomkom said on the stage, “I don’t know how far the other teams have trained in preparation for the World Grand Prix Finals here in Bangkok, but I know one thing – Thailand will come out with their best form this time. We fear no team.”

Powerful attacker Onuma Sittirak added, “We will play with consistency and try to refrain from making unforced mistakes. We will do our best on home soil.”

Tickets priced at Bt300, Bt400 and Bt600 for the World Grand Prix Finals will be released on sale via Thaiticketmajor on May 23. Last year, the ticket reservation could not continue as all tickets have gone in 10 minutes after the launch.