Beach Volleyball News

Songkhla, Thailand, April 13, 2016 – All beach spikers taking part in the “SMM” AVC Beach Tour Est Cola 17th Samila Open on Wednesday competed in a water fight during the Songkran Festival celebration before the tough contest will kick off at the Samila Beach in Songkhla the following day.

After the team briefing and the draws of lots ceremony took place on Tuesday at the BP Samila Beach Hotel in Songkhla, April 13, which is a public holiday in Thailand known for its iconic water festival which is mostly celebrated by young people, saw all participating players dressed in colourful Thai costumes join the Thai people from all walks of life in this fantastic tradition of the water splashing in Songkhla.

The participating players paraded at downtown Songkhla, carrying water guns as they participated in a water fight. Many of them splashed water to one another and some put power on the others’ faces.

All had fun and excitement and they put smiles and laughters on their faces. This was a moment of happiness for all participants ahead of their competitive competition on Thursday.

Meanwhile, at the BP Samila Beach Hotel, the Thailand Volleyball Association held a ceremony called “rod nam dam hua” – pouring a small amount of water on the hands of revered elders to ask fro blessings during the Songkran Festival, which marks the Thai New Year.

Mr Kij Pluckcha-oom, founder of the Grand Sport Group and former TVA vice president, presided over the ceremony as he has been regarded as one of the most revered elders in the association. TVA President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang and AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert led TVA officials and Thai beach volleyball players in pouring water on Mr Kij’s hands and in return, Mr Kij wished everyone a happy and prosperous life and a success in the Samila Open.