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Chennai, India, May 10, 2016 – India recently organised the Volleyball Your Way-Cool Volley programme for kids in simultaneous three phases with aims of promoting volleyball as an easy, fun and competitive way of playing.

The proactive development programe, organised by Dr Sivanthi Adityan FIVB Regional Development Centre for Volleyball Chennai, India, took place at the same time for the first, second and third phases in Chennai City, Coimbatore City in Tamil Nadu and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

According to Mr A. Ramana Rao, director of the FIVBDC in Chennai, the fun-packed activities have been held to spread volleyball at a national level aside from providing new opportunities for children and young people to enjoy volleyball as well as making new friends and learning new volleyball skills. One of the aims is to create interest and passion of the sport among kids and foster relationship between young people, coaches, referees and with other people connected to the sporting community.

In Chennai alone, around 80 children took part in the Cool Volley, while Cool Volley t-shirts were given away to kids taking part in the activity and volleyballs were also available for use and play among them. 

Mr G.E.Sridharan, former head coach of the India men’s national volleyball team and current member of the AVC Coaches Committee, also joined the activity to teach fundamental skills for those kids who at the end of the activities returned home with sheer pleasure, fun and sports romance.

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