Volleyball News

Tehran, Iran, July 16, 2016 – Majda Cicic, head coach of Iran national women’s volleyball team, is aimed at implanting the new training system to her team.

In the fourth stage of preparatory camp, Cicic talked with the press about her plans: “My attempt is to implant the new training system of world volleyball and I am rather confident about its result.

“How training and what degree are two important keys to keep the players interested in this sport. I have my serious plans which I think required for the support of all Iranians. I am satisfied with all my 16 players present in the camp. We have intensive practices and the national federation especially president Davarzani is throwing his full support to our women team that is praiseworthy.”

On the future performance of the Iran women’s team , she said: “We are to hold a camp in Slovenia on July 24 and are expected to have twelve friendly matches. The national volleyball women of Slovenia, Austria, and the champion of Italian Super League are of the rivals we will face against there. I think, this camp will bear fruit for Iran team.”

Regarding the training schedule, she said: “I will implant the recent training system of volleyball and I am rather confident about the result. All I try is to improve the ranking of Iran in Asia and we will next think about the better ranking in major competitions the following years.” 

The Iran women’s national volleyball team are training intensively in preparation for the 5th AVC Cup for Women, which is due to take place in Vietnam from September 14 to 20.