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Zhangjiagang, China, July 20, 2016 – Japan and China remain undefeated at the AVC Eastern Zone Women’s Championship 2016 after respectively beating Chinese Taipei and Korea in straight sets on Wednesday.

Japan b Chinese Taipei 3-0

Japan met some troubles in the second set, however effective spikes by Japan helped them solve the problem and finally defeated Chinese Taipei in three sets. (25-15, 25-20 25-17)

In the third set, both sides put on a great show from the beginning, seeing the score increasing alternately. Leading 18-16, Japan did not give Chinese Taipei any more chance and quickly took control of the match before winning the set 25-17.

DPR Korea b Hong Kong, China 3-0

DPR Korea outclassed Hong Kong, China in comfortable straight set (25-15, 25-9, 25-17).

In the first set, Hong Kong, China seemed aggressive as they came to a tie for 8 times. However, after the first technical timeout, DPR Korea showed their determination to the opponents as each position had active attempts during the game. With a 4-0 run, DPR Korea quickly took control of the match and won the set 25-15.

Hong Kong, China committed more errors in the second and third sets under the big pressure. Winning 25-9 and 25-17, DPR Korea finished the match and obtained their first victory.

Mongolia b Macau, China 3-0

After the intense three sets 25-19, 26-24, 25-16, Mongolia tasted their maiden victory. 

With the destructive spikes, Mongolia safely obtained the first set 25-19. At the beginning of the second set, both teams showed great ambition, seeing the score increasing alternately. Mongolia managed to score crucial two points successively after 24-24 tie for a 26-24 win in the second set. In the third set, Mongolia got a 16-12 lead before the second technical timeout. Following a 6-0 run, Mongolia smoothly finished the match with a 25-16 win in the set.

China b Korea 3-0

China showed their power, and grabbed the victory over Korea 3-0 (25-23, 25-23, 25-14). 

In the first set, No. 10 Jiang Qianwen of China got injured and was substituted by young player No.14 Chen Yixuan. Therefore, China slowly adapted themselves to the match and fell behind at the beginning. At the first and second technical timeout, Korea got an 8-6 and a 16-13 lead. Thanks to the attacks and blocks by No. 7 Zhai Tingli and No.9 Xu Ruoya, China staged a miracle of chasing to 23-23 tie. Korea did not grasp the crucial points at the end of the first set while China took the first set 25-23.

The second set witnessed Korea’s counterattacks at the very last moment, however the mighty China withstood them and again scored the crucial points to another close victory at 25-23. 

China continued their momentum and quickly took the third set 25-14.