Beach Volleyball News

Bangkok, Thailand, March 15, 2017 – The inspection team led by TVA President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang and AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert expressed satisfaction over preparations of Satun and Songkhla towards hosting the “SMM AVC Beach Tour Master, EST Cola 2nd Satun Park Bara Master” in Satun from April 8 to 11 and the “SMM 2017 Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships” EST Cola 18th Samila between April 14 and 17 in Songkhla respectively.

The inspection was designed to include an examination of the apparatus and an observation of procedures prescribed for use in the tests ahead of the competitions. Furthermore, the inspection was aimed to make sure that the organisers put things in the right place and conditions of the competition sites have met FIVB and AVC standards, especially when both tournaments have been the AVC Qualification process to the 2017 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in Austria between July 28 and August 6.

Arriving in Satun, the inspection team joined the meeting chaired by Satun Governor Mr Phattaraphon Rattanapichetchai. Also present in the meeting were local organising committee members. Satun, a southern province of Thailand on the Malay Peninsula and on the shore of the Andaman Sea with a distance of around 985km from Bangkok, hosted the inaugural Satun-Pak Bara Open last year, but to everyone’s surprise, the AVC Beach Tour event had attracted a large number of participating teams and local enthusiasts at the competition venue.

In the second edition this year, a total of 52 teams from 16 countries including 30 men’s pairings have already confirmed their participation in Satun.

Meanwhile, Songkhla has been unceasingly hosting the Samila Open Asian Beach Tour for 17 consecutive years and the province, with a distance of around 122km from Satun, is hosting the 2017 Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships this year, with a large field of 58 teams from 18 countries including 26 women’s sides pitted against one another.

Mr Shanrit, who, as the AVC’s representative, inspected the competition sites on Wednesday, said that since a large number of local fans turned out to the competition venue last year to watch the action-packed competition and it is likely that the searing heat will affect the players’ performances, the organisers decided to stretch this year’s competition days from three to four days. This year, the event will be held from April 14 to 17, not 16 as previous years.

“With the competition days being stretched to four, I believe the Songkhla meet will become one of the most-watched beach volleyball tournaments in Thailand, with a large number of spectators packing the grandstands during the competition,” Shanrit said.

Mr Somporn, President of Thailand Volleyball Association, and Shanrit on Wednesday took part in the joint meeting chaired by Songkhla Vice Governor Mr Anuchit Trakulmututa to assess the readiness of the host province and simultaneously inspect the competition sites.

“After inspecting both host provinces, I think everything is okay. The competition and training sites are ready for the events. Both host provinces are well-prepared for the competitions. We’re very satisfied with their excellent preparation. Now, all is set for the opening of both tournaments in Satun and Songkhla,” Shanrit concluded.