IOC’s Olympic Channel has distributed a video about snow volleyball introducing the new sport to its audiences. This is the first time the International Olympic Committee has acknowledged snow volleyball as a sport.

The video is titled INTRODUCING… SNOW VOLLEYBALL. “Moving from the beach to the slopes has taken off in Europe, and now the plan is to make the sport global,” the subtitle says.

“This is super important for us!” said Martin Kaswurm, Managing Director at Chaka2, who started it all back in 2008 and to this date is still snow volleyball’s most active promoter. “While the international volleyball community largely agrees that the future of our sport is at the Winter Olympic Games, it is the first time the IOC itself is sending out some kind of a signal.”

With spectacular footage from past Chaka2 snow volleyball events and party-in-the-sun type of music in the background, the video reveals the exciting new discipline in all its glory. “When beach volleyball moves from sea level to ski resort level! Introducing snow volleyball…,” read the captions on the screen. “With an established European Tour, there are plans to bring the snow sport to Asia, Argentina and the United States. Swapping sand for snow presents different challenges. The thinner air tests stamina, while it is easier to jump on compact snow making height less of an advantage. And of course… it’s cold!”

Watch full video here : Olympic Channel