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Songkhla, Thailand, April 13, 2017 – Players participating in the SMM Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships here enjoyed the Thai New Year’s festival called Songkran (Water Festival) which falls on April 13 every year, mentally preparing before big games from Friday.

Hosts Songkhla have been holding the water-splashing festival for every year, allowing the players locally and internationally to gather for the fun celebration. Ahead of the tough matches at the Asian meet between April 14 and 17 at Samila Beach here, players joined a celebration procession around the city. Along the way, the players carrying water guns and buckets containing with water splash strangers on the streets with water, all in the spirit of good fun.

Meanwhile, Thailand Volleyball Association (TVA) conducted the ‘Rod Nam Dam Hua’, a traditional water blessing ceremony, which involves the pouring of water on the hands of the revered elders during the celebration of the Thai New Year.

Mr Kij Pluckchaoom, founder of Grand Sport Group and former TVA vice-president, presided over the ceremony as he is regarded as one the most revered elders in the association. TVA President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang led the national federation officials and Thai beach volleyball players in pouring on the hands of Kij as a sign of washing away any bad luck and asking for blessings.


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