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Bangkok, Thailand, April 15, 2017 – The Volleyball Federation of Vietnam under the organisation and authorization on the Vietnam Sports Administration in the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism of Vietnam has announced the appointment of Japanese Hidehiro Irisawa as the new head coach of the Vietnam women’s national team.

According to the signed contract, Irisawa will be in the position until 2020 and he is also expected to lead the Vietnam national women’s team aside from the women’s U23, U21 and U19 teams.

Mr Irisawa has the experience of High-Performance Japanese National Player campaign as well as Head Coach with the Top-Ranked Japanese Women’s Club Team. And, as the International Head Coach, he also has the excellent results with Kenyan Women’s National Team as they stood a chance to participate in the 2010 World Championship and the World Cup the following year.

Vietnam Sports Administration and Volleyball Federation of Vietnam Executive Vice President Mr. Tran Duc Phan said, “According to the Media Research and the Public Opinion Poll in Vietnam, number one sport remains the men’s soccer. But, volleyball has already become the second popular sport in the country.”

“Furthermore, the women’s volleyball has come on top of all women’s sports in Vietnam. We were successful with the public tender for the men’s soccer, so we decided to follow the same protocol with the women’s volleyball. We expect a good response from coach and marketing.”

“The economy of Vietnam has been developing. The sports in Vietnam will, therefore, play a vital role in helping increase growth of the economy,” he added.

However, with the long-term plan for the future Vietnam volleyball, the country has set a higher target in the major competitions including the World Championship, the Olympics and Asian championship.

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