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Beijing, China, April 8, 2017 – China women’s national volleyball team gathered in Beijing on Thursday to start their first training programme of Tokyo Olympic Games cycle. Chief coach Lang Ping still confirmed that her team’s ultimate goal in Tokyo is to win a medal.

“Today is a meaningful day. I hope all the team members can come all out in their preparation. What matters is that we all make progress,” she said.

The new session of national team has brought nine newcomers. And Lang Ping hopes to see their prospect and potential through tough training.

Lang also stated that cultivating young talents is not only for 2020 Tokyo but also a future planing for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Lang Ping now has a new title “Chief coach of the Chinese national team” for the first time in the history of China women’s national team. Before, Lang shepherded China to seize Olympic women’s volleyball gold in Rio 2016 as the “head coach”.

Although Lang may be absent in several games due to her rehabilitation programme this year, An Jiajie, the executive coach of national team, will lead the coaching team to complete every day trainings and games after following the scheduled training program.

“As long as I have spare time, I will assist with the coaching team to give advice and work together to solve problems.” Lang said.

“In the new Olympics cycle, adjustments will be made by other opponents in the world and gifted newcomers will spring up constantly. At that time, every team will stand on the same starting line to compete for the title. However, our target is consistent and we will start from today and from zero to win a medal for China in 2020 Tokyo. ” Lang Ping added.


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