AVC News

Bangkok, Thailand, May 14, 2017 – The AVC Executive Committee Meeting at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel ended on Saturday with a satisfactory decision of clearance of current situations involving India, the Philippines, Maldives and Qatar and anticipated the awaited 2017 AVC General Assembly to take place in Thailand.

The meeting was jointly chaired by AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser and FIVB and AVC Honorary life President Mr Wei Jizhong, with AVC Executive Vice Presidents Mr Essa Hamzah and Madam Rita Subowo and other executive members in attendance.

Dr Saleh delivered an opening speech by expressing his sincere gratitude to all national federations for their cooperation not only by hosting but also sending their teams to AVC and FIVB competitions.

AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert raised the topic of India for consideration, saying that the Delhi High Court in India has already made it clear that the election results of the Volleyball Federation of India on April 11, 2016 have been approved for 28 posts except the post of VFI President. However, Mr Wei insisted that the Court approve the VFI President within July in order that the full operation of the VFI Board of Administration can come into effect and the FIVB will lift the suspension on the VFI.

According to the FIVB Ad-Hoc Commission on May 5, 2017, the recommendations regarding the dispute in India have been made to the FIVB Board of Administration, from which the issuance has reached an agreement that said the FIVB will not lift the provisional suspension until after the elections are conducted in July 2017, the FIVB shall enter teams from India to participate under the FIVB Flag until the suspension of the VFI is lifted, and elections should be conducted in July 2017 to determine the office bearers of the VFI for the 2017-2021 term. Nonetheless, the procedures for this election shall be conducted in accordance with terms agreed upon by the Parties with a duly-appointed FIVB Representatives.

In terms of the Philippines’ case, the AVC Executive Committee meeting agreed in principle that the FIVB Board of Administration meeting on May 5, 2017 in Morocco have decided to provisionally adjudicate the dispute between the Larong Volleyball SA Pilipinas Inc and the Philippine Volleyball Federation. The meeting also made it clear that they have already understood that Larong Volleyball SA Pilipinas Inc remains provisionally affiliated and is granted full membership with the FIVB, while the world’s volleyball-governing body also decided to expel the Philippine Volleyball Federation. As a result, Larong Volleyball SA Pilipinas has the right to organise international competitions in the territory of the Philippines and enter national teams for the territory of the Philippines.

The AVC Executive Committee meeting also brought current situations of Qatar, Maldives and Kuwait into reconsideration and found that cases of the three national federations have already cleared the air of uncertainty and stepped into a decision-making procedure to make the afore-mentioned three federations move forward without any obstacle.

In terms of consideration for the staging of the 2017 AVC General Assembly, the meeting has agreed that the AVC Gala, which is due to take place during the same period as the Assembly in Bali, Indonesia, cannot be held this year due to some financial reasons, but will be brought for reconsideration in future meetings. The AVC Executive Committee meeting has agreed unanimously that the Assembly should be held in Thailand instead, with the certain host city yet revealed.

Furthermore, Mr Essa Hamzah, chairman of the AVC Finance Committee, reported on the financial situations of AVC and cashflow for 2016, while the meeting also considered the readiness review to check everything is on the right track ahead of the AVC Board of Administration Meeting the following day.