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Ardabil, Iran, May 3, 2017 – Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan have already confirmed their presence in the quarter-finals since the second day of the tournament as both sides beat Uzbekistan in their pool preliminaries. The Wednesday’s match between Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan was to decide the Pool B’s winners. Chinese Taipei fared better to rout Kazakhstan in straight sets 25-21, 27-25, 25-23 to top the pool as expected.

The first set was one-sided as Chinese Taipei totally dominated the court. With the help of attacker Jen Hsieh, Chinese Taipei snatched the set 25-21. Kazakhstan started to produce the goods in the second set when the rivals dropped from their best and trailed 10-15. However, Chinese Taipei gradually pulled their game and came from behind to win the see-saw set 27-25, an exhausting battle which lasted 28 minutes.

Kazakhstan again battled back in the third set to catch up with Chinese Taipei 10-10. Nonetheless, Chinese Taipei did not let the win slip through their fingers. They attacked, boosted and blocked effectively to capture the thrilling set 25-23 and match.

As the Pool B’s winners, Chinese Taipei are due to challenge the Pool D’s runners-up Thailand on Thursday.

Chinese Taipei’s head coach Yu Ching-Fang found Kazakhstan a tough team and said: “We did not analyze them before the match and that’s why we found it very difficult to match them tactically.”

Chinese Taipei finished third at the previous edition in Myanmar two years ago and for the team’s initial target this time, Yu said, “We will do our best to beat Thailand. We have already analyzed their team. They are one of the strong teams to be reckoned with, but we need to prove that we are stronger. Our attempt is to move into the semi-finals.”


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