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Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, May 26, 2017 –Vietnam’s Vietin Bank defeated the Philippines’ Rebisco-PSL 3-1 (25-21, 17-25, 25-20, 25-14) in Group B of the SMM 2017 Asian Women’s Club Samruk Kazyna Volleyball Championship at the Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace on Friday.

Dinh Thi Thuy topped all scorers with 24 points and looks forward to playing against strong teams in the competition.

“I was a little nervous in this match because in the national team, I am only a substitute player. Today, I had the opportunity to play in front of the crowd and in a good atmosphere. I am happy for our team’s first win.” Dinh said.

The Philippines’ Rebisco-PSL opened with 8-4 lead by the first technical time-out, picking up their rhythm in offence and net defence from captain Rachel Anne Daquis and Mika Aereen Reyes. Vietin Bank later caught up by setting up attacks for Le Thanh Thuy and took 16-15 by the second technical time-out.

Vietnam started becoming aggressive in blocks and completed their deflections to score points. Captain Nguyen Thi Xuan and Pham Thi Kim Hue likewise became involved in scoring, and helped bring Vietin Bank to win 25-21 in the first set.

In the next set, teams displayed almost parallel plays, but also making the same nature of errors.
Alyja Santiago proved to be the Philippines’ main weapon, as she fired from the wing and the backline.
Vietnam’s Dinh Thi Thuy established herself as a force from the wings.

With a narrow 8-7 lead at the first technical time-out, The Philippines continued to find better rhythm, and handle the ball well in transition plays. In between remarkable plays, Vietin Bank suffered from errors in service and ball-handling, which leveraged the Philippines’ 25-17 win in the second set.

The Philippines had to deal with their share of attack errors in the third set. Even when Jovelyn Gonazaga tried to spark the offensive energy for Rebisco-PSL, Vietnam did their work well by ensuring to defend well against the opponents. Dinh Thi Thuy continued to collect her points off attacks to help bring Vietinbank to a 25-20 win.

In the fourth set, the Vietnamese side started to utilise tighter defence at the net. They likewise forced errors upon their opponents, to settle into a 16-10 lead by the second technical time-out. By this time, Vietinbank had complete mastery of their rhythm in every skill: they were picking up each ball, they were playing setting up their plays well and they were keen on defence. Vietnam surged to gain 25-14 in the fourth set to seal their victory.

Vietnam’s Vietin Bank will face Japan’s Hisamitsu Seiyaku Springs on Saturday, May 27, at 16:30 local time.

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