Marrakesh, Morocco, May 5, 2017 – The last day of the FIVB Board of Administration meeting drew to a close on Friday as members received a number of updates and discussed key initiatives designed to modernise the sport of volleyball and the FIVB properties.

The meeting reflected the FIVB’s commitment to embrace forward-thinking and modern initiatives as it aims to become the world’s number one family sport.

Over the course of the two days, the Board heard reports from the Presidents of the FIVB’s Commissions and proposals to enhance their respective areas of work. The quality of the proposals and recommendations reflected the change in the working methods of the Commissions, which are now composed of a maximum of 10 members and experts to inform their work.

The FIVB Finance department also had an opportunity to present a business report, which looked back at the 2016 accounts and examined the budget for 2017-2018. Members were also updated on legal issues affecting specific FIVB regulations and other areas of the sport.

Speaking after the conclusion of the first day of the Board of Administration, President Graça said: “We had a fantastic meeting, which has very much focused on the future development of volleyball. The FIVB has embraced the future and we cannot wait for the future to happen. We must shape it so that we can control our own destiny.

“Volleyball has had a fantastic few years and Rio 2016 was a defining moment for our sport. But the golden era we find ourselves is only just beginning. At the FIVB we have a responsibility to keep pushing boundaries and moving forward to realise our sport’s huge global potential. Meetings like today’s are very important so that we can assess how we are doing and where we need to go.”

The next meeting of the Board of Administration is scheduled to be held in Bali, Indonesia.


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