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Honiara, Solomon Islands, May 4, 2017 – Mr Morris Maitaki Hakapauhenua was re-elected as President of Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation following an unanimous support at a recent elective SIVF Congress on April 16.

Mr. Hakapauhenua, who won the SIVF Presidency in 2009 and was re-elected in 2013, received a huge support from the 9th Provincial/ Regional Volleyball Associations comprising Western Province, Marovo, Shortland, Isabel, Honiara, Bellona, East Rennell, West Rennell and West Makira.

Under his leadership, volleyball in Solomon Islands has seen a dramatic transformation and has become one of the Solomon Island’s glorious family sporting disciplines in the last ten years.

In his opening speech when he was re-elected, Mr. Maitaki declared that this national congress of the Solomon Islands volleyball is the supreme body of the volleyball federation in Solomon Islands.

He stressed that without this body all decisions of the SIVF will be null and void. He thanked all the provincial associations’ representatives for their trust and confidence and support throughout these years.

He highlighted that in the last four years of the SIVF executives, there have been some achievements, including referee trainings, participation in national and international competitions, organization of respective provincial volleyball associations and organizing of national volleyball competitions.

He also highlighted that despite these achievements, the volleyball federation have also encountered challenges. One of the major challenges is lack of facilities and main sponsorships. Though the SIVF has faced such difficulty, that will not hinder the progress of the volleyball game in Solomon Islands.

He made strong emphasis that the actual achievement of volleyball is yet to be surfaced.

In the speech, the president outlined the primary objectives of the SIVF, including the intention of developing the grassroots or setting the foundation of volleyball in order for the structure to be getting stronger.

“Volleyball is ranked number two in all sports in the Solomon Islands that has been played by people of both genders and disabilities. This has been proven that volleyball is played mostly everywhere in Solomon Islands, the island provinces, villages, and schools, and this should be an achievement that we all should be proud of it,” he said

The President commended the respective provincial volleyball association in expanding the development of volleyball in rural areas.

And he continued to stress that the continuous growing and development of this sport particularly in the rural areas entirely depend on commitment and sacrifices of respective provincial volleyball associations. He also admired referee commission, technical officers and volunteers for their great support.

“The SIVF owe them so much. They all have proved themselves in the Oceania and internationally”.

The President, moreover, made emphasis on the achievement in the Oceania level and internationally. In particular he commended Steward Seuika for the achievement he made for officiating the grand finals of the Pacific Games in Walis and Futuna, Papua New Guinea, and the grand finals between New Zealand and Fiji last year 2016.

Morris Maitaki in speech pointed out that the SIVF have produced qualified referees as compared to other countries in the Region.

He also congratulated Ricky Sauhonu for officiating in the Oceania Volleyball Championship in Fiji last year 2016 and congratulated Bonnie Pugeva and Fred Sangoihenua for attending the FIVB beach volleyball training in Fiji, and also officiating in the Oceania Championship after the training..

He thanked these officials for their sacrifices and commitment and also thanked others who officiated in the Pacific games and Oceania championships.

“I would like to congratulate the women’s national team for their victory against Cook Islands in the Oceania Zonal Championship in Fiji last year which they won the bronze for the first time.

“I would like to personally thank Ms. Vika Raster for the support that enabled the girls to return with a bronze last year,” he said.

“It is our shared vision and that is to increase the participation in volleyball. Volleyball is a family sport that we all should enjoy. So we must ensure that all our children should touch the volleyball and the base of volley in Solomon Islands is the grassroots,” he added

“I hope that we will learn from the past challenges for the betterment of volleyball in the future. Without the support of the NOCSI we will not be able to come this far”.

The acknowledgement also extended to the Ministry of Home Affairs for their great support in the organization of volleyball in Solomon Islands.

Morris Maitaki attended the world Congress last year 2016 in Argentina. He received medal from FIVB Senior Vice President on behalf of Solomon Islands for its 25th Anniversary since its affiliation to FIVB in 1990, Argentina.

President – Morris Maitaki Hakapauhenua
Vice-President – Walter Tesuatai
Secretary – Pongi Tangia
Treasurer – Ms. Angnes Taro
Competition Manager – Mr. Stanley Taungenga
Women Representative – Ms. Evalita Reubin
Athlete (men) Representative – Mr . Junior Hunter
Athlete (Women) Representative – Miss. Hannah Donga
Ordinary Member – Ms. Angella Tahani and Steven Waki