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Ardabil, Iran, May 1, 2017 – Malaysia came from behind to beat Australia in dramatic four sets 22-25, 25-19, 25-17, 25-22 in their Pool C preliminary encounter of the SMM 2nd Asian Men’s U23 Volleyball Championship on Monday.

Malaysia had a strong start but lost the momentum after the first technical time-out to go down 22-25 in the first set. Nevertheless, the remaining three sets saw Australia get nothing to perform against the quick Malaysians.

The substitution of Benjamin Hardy did not help the Australians as well. He found the result very disappointing and he attributed the shortcomings not to have enough time to get ready for this match as they got together only for a few days.

Malaysia on the other hand prepared for half a year and the coach found Sim Jian Qin an effective player in this match. He top-scored with 32 points and became one of the strong players to be reckoned with in this championship.

Captain Weir of Australia expressed that his team acted rather fine in high balls. He thinks the players were perfect on their own, yet the problem is they could not perform well enough together. They needed some more times to prepare and since they are new to the tournament, they have no chance to analyze their opponents.

Australia will have a rest day on Tuesday, while Malaysia will next go up against China.


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