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Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, May 30, 2017 –Iran’s Sarmayeh Bank bested the Philippines’ Rebisco- PSL 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 29-27) at the 5th-8th playoff match in the SMM 2017 Asian Women’s Club Samruk Kazyna Volleyball Championship on Tuesday.

Sarmayeh Bank’s captain Shabnam Alikhani shared her comments after Tuesday’s match at the Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace.

“This is a very important match as we want to complete the competition with fifth place. It was a difficult match as the Philippines played well but we are just happy to win today and to have another chance to win fifth place tomorrow,” Alikhani said.

Sarmayeh Bank slid to an 11-7 lead in the first set with Mahdien Khaje Kolaei working from the wing, and Farnoosh Sheikhi operating at the middle. Rebisco-PSL took three straight points with the help of Alyja Santiago, who fired up front and from the back. The Iranian club strengthened their spikes to find unmanned spots on the opponent’s receiving formation. Upon side-outs, the Philippines’ suffered from attack miscues.

Teams traded points as the score read 19-19. Sarmayeh Bank reinforced their net defence and brought in back-to-back blocks to secure the first set, 25-23.

Maedeh Borhani proved to be a force from the right flank, to help Sarmayeh Bank take a 14-9 advantage in the second set. The Iranian side were also using more blocks to deflect the attacks of the opponents. By this time, Rebisco-PSL needed to vary their angles, but suffered from several misfires.

Abigail Maraño tried to spark the energy for Rebisco-PSL as she played good defence and scored on quick attacks, but Sarmayeh Bank’s strong frontline continued to impose. The Iranian side surged to a 25-17 win in the second set.

Sarmayeh Bank continued to stay close to the net to enforce this very same advantage in the third set. They knew that they could unleash their attacks from the wing, and guard the net with much vigilance. Rebisco-PSL executed successful plays, with Santiago and captain Rachel Anne Daquis, but consistency was an issue they needed to battle. They needed to be more careful in passing the ball, and ensure their attacks would not falter.

By doing this, the Philippines overtook at 18-17. An exchange of side-outs ensued to extend the set. Sarmayeh Bank unleashed an unanswered attack to settle the final set at 29-27.

Borhani charted a total of 17 points, with Khaje Kolaein contributing another 13 points for Sarmayeh Bank. Santiago was the top scorer for Rebisco-PSL with 14 points.


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