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Tehran, Iran, June 21, 2017 – Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarzani, president of Iran Volleyball Federation and Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports of Iran, visited Ameneh Orphanage on Wednesday.

Dr. Davarzani has promised Iranian people that he will try his best to continue progressive plans toward promoting volleyball and said: “All plans are going well with different age groups and Iran will build up our best teams in 2018.”

He called 2018 the year of “Construction” when Iran will have their best teams in international competitions.

“One of the key roles of sport is to help society particularly the children. Any contribution of this kind has been immensely praised and we are all ready to extend our support. This is what we have to be sensitive about and do whatever we can offer,” he said.

The Youth & Sports Ministry of Iran are attempting not only to support the sport but also provide ethical and financial helps to various charities. Part of the contributions is not publicized to avoid any inconvenience caused and protect human dignity of the needy ones.


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