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Seoul, Korea, June, 1, 2017 – Team head coaches from Czech Republic, Finland, Slovenia and hosts Korea gathered at Summit Hotel on Thursday for the press conference ahead of the FIVB Volleyball World League 2017 first week.

Korea’s head coach Kim Hochul said that the focus will be on “team play.” He admitted that Korea will not field their top players this time, but instead will be strengthened by second-string players.

“I’m upbeat that my players will prove their best at home. Our young players are full of passion. We aim for victory by using the Asian-style strategy and strong team play,” he said.

Miguel Angel Falasca Fernandes, head coach of Czech Republic, said, “Our team’s goal is to keep developing. We will try to win as many matches as we can. However, it is more important for our young players to gain experience in this big league. Our team’s main strength is blocking. However, to accomplish our target of beating any team, we have to try to reduce our mistakes and at the same time force our opponents to come out with errors-riddled game.”

Tuomas Sammelvuo, head coach of Finland, focused on building team culture. He remarked that many new players have joined the national team and that they never focus on winning itself. Instead, he said that they will focus on the things they do every day and fight for every ball and every point.

“I hope that the Finnish fans will feel happy when watching their national team play their best with the skills they have,” he said.

Kovac Slobodan, head coach of Slovenia, showed eagerness for victory.
“Our players are hungry for the win. We won the European Championship two years ago and we have been showing great play since then. I trust my team to play their best. Also, I will give every player a chance to contribute to the match,” Slobodan said and highly praised head coach of Korea by referring Kim as his “idol.”

A lot of questions were focused on Kim. He commented that he feels that it is a disadvantage to start off the World League by playing the first week at home. He admitted that he feels burdened by the high expectation whereas the team did not have much time to coordinate teamwork and strategy. However, he stated his determination to remain in Group 2.

The first week of World League 2017 is drawing keen attention from volleyball fans as the Korean fans and the media alike are especially looking forward to watching the success of the Korean team.


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