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Macau, Macau, July 14, 2017 -Paola Ogechi Egonu scored a match high of 20 points contributing to Italy’s victory 3-0 (25-19, 25-22,25-21) over China.

Miryam Fatime Sylla added 12 points to the winning side profit while China were led by Ting Zhu and Xiangyu Gong who scored a team high of 10 points each.

Italy coach Davide Mazzanti: We are very happy for this victory tonight, we played much better than we did last week in Kunshan. We spent a month to prepare for this competition and hopefully we can use this win as a stepping stone for our forthcoming matches.

Italy captain Cristina Chirichella: We are really proud of ourselves as we played well in this match. The most important is we never give up so we are really satisfied with our display.

China coach An Jiajie: Congratulations to Italy on winning the match, they played much better than we did today. As my captain said we could not find our own pace, we struggled at our blocking and defence and this affected our attack as well, and with such performance we could never expect to win the match. We will adjust and reorganize tonight and hope we will play better tomorrow.

China captain Zhu Ting: Our team lackeded rhythm today and our blocking and attack were not up to our usual standards. Italy were very focused with their attack and defence and I must congratulate them for putting up a good performance.


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