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Bangkok, Thailand, July 20, 2017 – Italy head coach Davide Mazzanti is determined that his players will make big push into the team’s target of claiming more victories to ensure their eligibility to the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix Finals in Nanjing, China.

Team head coaches and captains of Italy, Dominican Republic, Turkey and Thailand joined the press conference at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok on Thursday to comment about their teams’ preparation and chances in the World Grand Prix Pool H encounters at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium from July 21 to 23, the last weekend for all 12 participating teams in Group 1 to battle it out for six slots including hosts China to contest the Nanjing Finals between August 2 and 6.

Mr Davide Mazzanti, head coach of Italy: “It’s the most important week for our team because it will be the last pool to determine our chance for the Nanjing Finals. We will push hard for our target. To accomplish it, we have to do our best. I wish every team the best of luck.”

Mr Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of Turkey: “I’m very happy to play in Bangkok again, having fun to see a lot of fans cheering their teams all the ways. We still have the same team, but we try to use new players. It seems that our team were not that successful in the first two weeks, so I hope that my team will claim more victories here.”

Mr Marcos Kwiek, head coach of Dominican Republic: “I’m very glad that my team play here. It gives us a chance to test our players. I admit that this pool is very important to our team and we will try to do our best. However, due to the difference of weather conditions, we were very exhausted of travelling here. I found that it’s very difficult to adjust our team to the new conditions and maintain our composure.”

Mr Danai Sriwacharamaytakul, head coach of Thailand: “Despite playing at home, I admit that we have a mountain to climb. Dominican Republic, Italy and Turkey are very strong and it’s not easy to beat them. My team players are young and they have gradually been improving. I think development in my team has appeared to gain some recognition. However, we will try our best and hope that home fans will help boost our team’s morale and confidence.”

In the same occasion, team captains from the four participating teams, Thailand’s Pleumjit Thinkaow, Cristina Chirichella of Italy, Turkey’s Fatma Yildirim and Bethany De La Cruz De Pena of Dominican Republic also said the same that they are delighted to play their last pool in Bangkok, Thailand and hope that their team will be successful.


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