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Tehran, Iran, July 13, 2017 – The major conference on “Integrity in Teaching Methodology of Coaching Course” is being held between July 13 and 14 at the National Olympic Academy of Iran.

This conference from 9am to 6pm for both days started with Deputy Minister of Youth & Sport of Iran Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarzani delivering a speech on Thursday.

Mr. Ziyaei, Vice-president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (IRIVF), Ms. Fariba Sadeghi, Vice-president of Women Department of IRIVF, IRIVF Secretary-General Dr. Mahmoud Afshardoust, Dr. Nader Shavandi, Head of Research & Education Committee of IRIVF and Secretary Mr. Javad Mehrgan also attended the meeting, while participating in this two-day conference are 140 volleyball instructors from different parts of Iran.

This conference, held by the Research and Education Committee of IRIVF, was aimed at creating integrity in teaching methodology as major changes were made in the syllabus and the assessment process of coaching course. The second session will be on Friday, July 14, 2017.

President Davarzani found that education is the foundation of reaching the important goals IRIVF set to develop volleyball and said: “Education must be in the way to change behavior and attitude in the coaches. Changes must occur in all age groups both at club and national levels.”

He added: “Teaching must not occur only in terms of technique but also mentality.” He asked all the instructors to stay updated, be a good learner-researcher and said: “No one can claim no further teaching is needed. If it is claimed so, then there is no hope for further success. Any investment in education is useful and it is surely never in vain”.


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