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Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland, Jul 16, 2017 – Korea won their third match in Poland by upsetting the previously unbeaten hosts 3-1 (24-26, 25-23, 25-19, 26-24).

Kim Yeon Koung showed her skills again this weekend and scored a total of 26 points. Poland’s best performance belonged to Berenika Tomsia with 22 points, including 4 in block and 2 aces.

Poland fought an exciting battle against the well-prepared Korea in front of a full house of spectators. In the opener Berenika Tomsia showed her scoring skills, but Malwina Smarzek was the hero with an ace to seal the win at 26-24. Poles easily gained an advantage at the beginning of the following, but Korea did not let go and caught up with them at 22-all. Poland lost their focus and the set 23-25.

Kim Yoen Koung emerged as a true leader and took the responsibility for the game and set up the score at 25-19 for Korea in the third set. Coach Nawrocki tried to motivate his players, but Korea was already on the road to victory. Poland saved match points to tie things up at 24-all in the fourth, but captain Kim did her job well and ended the match at 26-24.
Korea Captain Kim Yeonkoung: “We are very glad that we won, especially since Poland was undefeated till now and they are the hosts of this tournament. They played very well, but we also showed our best game, playing on a good level in every element”.

Korea Coach Kim Sungjin: “We are very happy about today’s victory. It was a great match, our wing spiker, outside spiker and middle blockers performed on very high level. Poland team showed really good volleyball today. It’s the first time when we played with Poland on their turf and we are really impressed with their level of play. Next week we host a tournament and we will again play against Poland, so now we know what we have to improve in our game”.


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